Calligraphy Training


With Master Penmen Connie Chen

I had been getting a lot of compliments about my calligraphy lately and many people asked me how I progressed so well and what were the key successful factors in doing calligraphy. I can tell you there are only a short list of factors that I feel was the most important for my growth: a great teacher, mindful practices and overall passion.

Throughout my calligraphy journey, I had many opportunities to learn and study from many well-known calligraphers from around the world. I would say I am so thankful that I am being trained by Master Penmen Connie Chen. I started learning the beautiful traditional Spencerian script in 2019 through Connie’s virtual class “Spencerian Structure”. There were 13 modules and upon completion of the first few modules, I had already learned so much more than what I have learned in the past few years. It is not just a course that will teach you how to write the alphabets. The course is jam-packed with content and analysis which will provide you with a different perspective to your calligraphy training.

Upon completion of the program, I decided to pursue further with her private lessons. She would “casually” provide suggestions that can easily save you hours of learning calligraphy by yourself in the wrong way. Sometimes all you need is a mentor to help you with the missing piece of puzzle. Because everyone is different, and calligraphy is a form of art, so everyone has a different way of polishing their techniques. Another thing I learn about calligraphy is mindful practice. Throughout these training sessions, Connie taught me how to train my eyes to look for the proper way of doing calligraphy. There is really no reason to write thousands of pages when you are doing it incorrectly than writing just one line in a correct way. I wish I would start with Connie right at the beginning of my calligraphy journey.

I want to say I have found even more joy in calligraphy and I am proud to be Connie’s student.