Calligraphy Workshops

Throughout my Calligraphy journey, I had many opportunities to learn and study from numerous Master Penmen and other well-known calligraphers from around the world,  I am currently being trained by Master Penmen Connie Chen in traditional script. I have built a strong foundation of calligraphy knowledges through all theses trainings. I currently offer in-person calligraphy workshops in Toronto that is suitable for individual, groups and corporate team building functions.


Modern Calligraphy Workshops

Are you a new beginner looking to learn lettering and calligraphy skills? Do you feel intimidating and overwhelming by all the information you can find online about calligraphy? Or you already know some and don’t know where to apply? My courses are structed in the following ways

  • Basic strokes
  • Lower Cases
  • Upper Cases
  • Connectors, Spacing and Composition
  • Flourishing
  • Calligraphy and Lettering application on different surfaces

The course is designed for students who have no calligraphy background or experience. The step-by-step workbook is easy to understand and follow. Please also note that the class size is limited so that I can provide lots of one-on-one feedback during the workshop. Please come join me in my calligraphy workshops to discovery this beautiful form of art!

Current workshop

πŸ– Date: Currently opened for Tuesday workshops
πŸ– Time: 6:30PM – 8:00PM EST
πŸ– Location: 8339 Kennedy Road (2F), Unit 2616, Markham
πŸ– Fees: $75 + $25 material fees
πŸ– Registration link



American Cursive Handwriting Workshop

Cursive – a general term referring to handwriting that is flowing and joined. It is intended to be written with common writing tools such as pencils, pens or fountain pens.

In the late 19th century, Austin Norman Palmer, an American penman developed a style of penmanship that was easier to read and write than the Spencerian script. This form of writing gained popularity and was widely adopted by the general public throughout the US in the 20th century.

Please come join Margaret (a certified American Cursive Handwriting Instructor) to learn this beautiful script. This workshop is suitable for age 9+ (Grade 3+). No experience or background in writing cursive is required.

Come join us in this 4 part series workshop

πŸ– Date: Currently opened for Thursday workshops
πŸ– Time: 6:30PM – 8:00PM EST
πŸ– Location: 8339 Kennedy Road (2F), Unit 2616, Markham
πŸ– Fees: $75 + $25 material fees
πŸ– Registration link

*Course workbook will be available for download after registration.


COVID Updates

I offer both in-person and online classes. Our workshop studio follows all the COVID pre-cautious procedures and all our staffs are fully vaccinated. Mask is required all time before entering the premises.


Private Calligraphy Coaching

If you are not seeing results in your work, I am also available to offer private one-on-one calligraphy coaching. Over the past few years I have taught over 200 students. I know where their struggles are so let me help you! In my private calligraphy coaching classes, each lesson is tailored to your experience level and your learning goals. Please contact me to discuss further.

Pointed-Pen Experience (COMING SOON!)

I am currently working on pointed-pen course material. If you are interested in taking your calligraphy skills to another level by using the traditional pointed-pen and ink, please stay tune for my upcoming pointed-pen classes! I cannot wait to share my knowledge and passion with you!


Students’ Love


I really enjoyed the online calligraphy workshops by Sincerely.Bo Margaret, easy to follow. She is willing to share her techniques and tips with us, greatly appreciated. I will definitely attend more workshops.

~ Winnie. C


Online i have found courses at Boomerang which have been helpful in my road to learning brush calligraphy. A talented artist who is willing to share her talents with others. Five star! An Artist whom has been commissioned to create gifts to our world of beauty with her talents.

~D. Kelly


I’ve taken a few classes from Sincerely.Bo and I always re – register for more. Margaret is very thorough and patient. It’s very easy to follow along with her. I really enjoy her classes.

~ Sherry. N