Hello everyone,

This is Margaret, the girl behind Sincerely Bo – a Toronto based boutique design studio specializing in custom lettering and calligraphy for brands, events and workshops.

Many of you may wondered what does “Bo” – 寶 mean, it is my beautiful Chinese name given by my parents defines as precious. And the word “Sincerely” is often used in the sign-off section of a letter, hence the name Sincerely Bo.

I am a day time Financial Analyst and night time Artist / Toronto Calligrapher. I offer services mainly in the Greater Toronto area as an event calligrapher or hand engraver on-site for brand clients and Public Relation Agencies for their VIP events. My specialty lies in providing quality lettering and calligraphy work on different surfaces in both modern and traditional scripts. Reach out if you need an Artist / Calligrapher for your next event!

I have always been an artistic person since young even though my career took a different path. One day while being creative and making a snowman ornament as Christmas gift to others. Then through some inspirations, I started to write on them and that’s how I picked up calligraphy. Since then I have taken numerous calligraphy workshops instructed by several Master Penmen and other well-known calligraphers from around the world to brush up on my penmanship skills. As a proud active member at the IAMPETH (The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting), I was able use my calligraphy skills to create many art projects and memorable client experience through brand activations and Public Relations events. I am also a Certified American Cursive Penmanship Instructor (ACICP) who is passionate in teaching workshops. I love teaching an art form that I love and want others to know about the beauty of it. Calligraphy is a very therapeutic form of art especially in this busy world, I am excited to inspire you to the many possibilities of applying calligraphy to things around us!

Sincerely.Bo | Margaret