Custom Hand Engraving

Paint, markers or ink might not be the most permanent method to customize a keepsake. Engraving is a technique where you use a drill to etch the design on an object to make it more permanent and more luxurious.

What Can You Engrave?

Depending on the size and space of the object, below are some of the most frequently requested things to be engraved

  • Special messages
  • Phrases /Quotes
  • Illustrations

I am an experienced engraver who can do custom hand engraving on the spot in-store or any event space to elevate your event with memorable customer experience. I would love to be part of your special events, please contact me to discuss and how to bring your vision to live!

What Surfaces Can Be Engraved?

Glass, metal and stone are the most ideal surfaces for engraving

  • Wine, Spirits, Whiskey Bottles
  • Fragrance Bottles
  • Glass Candle Jars
  • Skincare and Cosmetic Containers (lipsticks, makeup brush, compact mirror etc)
  • Marble and Granite Tiles
  • Gua Sha Stone
  • Stainless Steel Bottles
  • Glassware or Copperware (Tumbler, Mugs, Plates, Utensils etc)

Please note that carbonated bottles such as Champaign, sparkling wine etc, may compromise structural integrity and potential risk of explosion and they should be avoided. Please contact me if you have other surfaces that you are considering.

The Engraving Process

1. A professional portable and quiet micro drill tool is used onsite to perform freehand custom hand engraving messages.

2. During the engraving process there are fine dust produced from the engraving surfaces, it is carefully dusted off with a fine brush with no damage to the product

3. The word or messages can then be waxed with golden or silver colour finishes. **Please note that this process is not applicable to textured surfaces or frosted glass. ** It is also important to note that for any tableware that is heavily used for drinking, food consumption and washing to be avoided using waxed finishes due to the potential risk of filling coming off.

4. The message is etched permanently on the surfaces making a long-lasting keepsake.


—  Engraving  —
Rates starting at $65.00 each

—  Logo Engraving  —
Rates starting at $125.00 each

—  Onsite Engraving  —
Please contact me for more detail


Clients’ Love


I commissioned Sincerely.Bo to personalize my husband’s Christmas gift this year. It turned out beautifully and I can not wait to gift it to him this year. They are responsive and the turnaround time was more than reasonable. If I have anything that I want to make extra-special, I’ll be sure to contact Sincerely.Bo again.

~ Katrina. K


Beautiful, handcrafted goods with personalized touches. Every piece is unique and designed with the receiver in mind. It’s all in the details and satisfaction is guaranteed!

~Jenny. Z


Margaret’s work is absolutely sensational! Was a pleasure to work with her. 5 stars!

~ Austin. K