Gold Foiling


Season’s Greeting card

I am a guest speaker on Ting and Things DIY blog! Woohoo! When my friend Ting and Things invited me to be her guest speakers on her blog, the first reaction I had was “OF COURSE!”

She’s a good friend of mine since high school. Both of us have the passion of DIY arts and crafts and we dream of opening our own business to carry the product we make and design. With her graphic design background, she had created tons of projects, they range from home DIY projects, party ideas to now being a new mom, she created some kids learning DIY project as well. I could say she is the most creative friend I have. Her tutorial is very easy to follow and there are step by step guide in her personal DIY blog. When she invited me to be a guest speaker on her blog, of course I would say yes to it!. I am more than happy to to be a guest speaker on her Ting and Things DIY blog!

In the blog I will explain the process of how I did the Gold Foiling on Season’s Greeting Cards. It is not as hard as you think, go check out this blog post. I also have a tutorial on my IGTV in case you need more visual guidance. I want to mention that gold foiling can be done on many other surfaces such as leather, acrylic, fabrics and etc. I will be posting more of the tutorial and process in the future, so stay tune!

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