How To Make a Welcome Sign on a Mirror


If you have been to weddings or just been following the trend for home décor, you can see that many people are starting to have elegant mirror display for greeting visitors or customers. Its definitely a great and personalized way to upscale any occasion.

I have been trying myself for the last little bit and through lots of trial and tribulation, I have a few hopefully helpful tools and tips so that the process of creating your own is much easier and enjoyable.



A good way to start is to measure the size of the mirror and divide up the mirror into parts using Stabilo all pencil or masking tape. Another tip is to measure the middle point of the mirror as a reference guide so that you can map the layout easily.


Use the Stabilo All-pencil to begin drafting. This marker marks magically on paper, glass, plastic and metal. You can sketch out a draft on these surfaces and remove it by paper towel easily without any traces.  As a reference guide depending on your desire design, below is how I usually sketch up and mark out my draft work.

Example #1

1/5 Top Illustration

1/5 Welcome to the wedding of

2/5 Couple’s name

1/5 Wedding Date & bottom illustration

Example #2

1/4 Top Illustration

1/4 Welcome to the wedding of

2/4 Couple’s name & Wedding Date

Example #3

1/4 Welcome to the wedding of

2/4 Couple’s name

1/4 Wedding Date


Use the Sharpie Oil based marker to begin the inking process but you have to choose between different sizes as this oil based marker comes in broad, medium, fine and extra fine sizes. I believe an oil-based marker gives the lettering a glossier feeling and it dries faster. I typically use the medium and fine sizes on the mirror. The medium size is good for thickening the downstroke (faux calligraph) and the fine marker is good for adding details such as the floral illustrations.

One thing that I struggled with before is that my hands and elbows getting in the way and you see smudges on the mirror. To get around this problem, I suggest placing a little towel under your wrists 😊


You may use nail polish remover on a cotton rounds or on paper towels to remove any drafts or mistakes that you have made on the mirror. I have been using cotton swaps for fine and small mistakes that requires finesse to not ruin the beautiful work that has been done.

If this is too much work for DIY, you can always ask me for a quote, and I am happy to help with my service

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