Hot Foiling Calligraphy


Hot foiling has been gaining momentum and a lot of you are interested in seeing how we can apply this technique with calligraphy. Foil works on many surfaces such as cardstock, leather, ribbons, and word. Recently I was working on foiling with red pocket envelopers in preparation of Chinese Lunar New Years and I’ve included videos to show you some of the techniques involved.

I always begin with drafting my design on paper. Then you can use a pencil and draw super lightly on the foil paper by tracing the original writing.

Once you have it completed, tape down the foil paper on top of the envelope. Some people mentioned using the magnetic mat from Foil Quill which you can also give it a try. I personally had only been using tape to secure the foil paper.

Plug in the Foil Quill pen for 5 minutes to heat up. Test the pen with a very small surface to see if it’s working before you work on the final piece.

Remove the tape with care once you are done and there you have your foil piece. ENJOY!


Here is a list of Foiling Supplies I used. You may find them on Amazon/ Michaels / Walmart

(Hint: cheapest with Michaels when they have 55% off coupon =p)


It comes in 3 different sizes

  • Fine tip -> which I used in this video
  • Standard tip
  • Bold tip


**Remember you need to purchase HEAT ACTIVATED FOIL SHEET specially and not a regular foil sheet, otherwise it will not transfer the foil onto another surface!!


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