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Can you believe it is Thanksgiving already? Thanksgiving is a celebration of harvest and other blessings of the past year. In our family, it is a very important event as I love our entire family get together where we celebrate gratitude and spend quality time together. We often stick to tradition food year after year. Even though the food is traditional, creativity and crafting Thanksgiving table setting can add delight to dinner guests. Decoration make a lasting impression to your guests before the feast. That is why I always love to put thoughts into Thanksgiving decoration that can delight the family.

As dining room table is normally where the focus is, this year I have decided to put calligraphy on the table runner in addition to the Thanksgiving centerpiece. It is a unique way to present the table with additional touches.


·         Craft paper or any paper (in a roll like a table runner)

·         Sketch book

·         Pencil or mechanical pencil to layout the draft

·         Ruler or laser leveler/pointer to make sure you are writing straight

·         Sharpie markers (thin and thick size) or markers of your choice.


First, pick some words that are related to Thanksgiving such as “Thankful”, “Grateful”, “Blessed” and make a draft on the sketch book. But it could be anything you want, and you may even find any quotes or any simple phrases to put on the paper. This time I did some flourishing because my intention is to use single words on the runner and not to repeat them (unlike how I did on the wrapping paper – click on link to see post). Flourishing add decorative to the letters and it is a good way to eliminate blank space. Thanks to my friend ting and things, she converted my calligraphy into a traceable practice sheet. Please click here to get a downloadable pdf file and check out her blog for more DIY ideas.


I picked craft paper as I believed it is a good fit for this setting as Thanksgiving table decorations tend to be on the bright colour scheme (i.e. maple leaves, pumpkin, fall wreath etc). Craft paper is a nice background colour as it is not too catchy and get the attention of the focus, it blends nicely with other centerpieces.


I first used pencil to draft on the runner, you may also do gridline on the paper to align your words. The good thing is even if you make mistakes you can always erase them. Once completed, you may use your choice of marker to outline the words. Use a thinner marker (the smaller size of Sharpie) to outline the word or phrase and thicken the downstrokes after.

So here you go, a table runner with “custom” calligraphy that is easy to make, your guests will admire your handiwork and goes very well along with other gorgeous Thanksgiving theme table décor.

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