What Tools to Use


Choosing calligraphy supplies can be hectic because there are tons of varieties out there. A lot of you have asked the tools to use for Brush Calligraphy Beginner, so I decided to write a blog to explain all of these to you. Below are some of the affordable and economical tools for beginners.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Brush Pen
  • Tracing Paper


Suggestion: Any pencil

The first tool you must have is a pencil. This is good for doing drills – some warmup exercises before you practice calligraphy.


Suggestion: HP Premium Choice Laser Paper

Regular Copy Paper will be good for beginners. But there are some general ideas of how to choose paper.

  1. Paper that are higher weight so the ink will not bleed
  2. Paper that do not have much texture so that it will not catch the brush tip

As you progress in calligraphy you will develop your own paper choice collection


Suggestion: Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen

Tombow has an amazing selection of calligraphy tools and this Fudenosuke Brush Pen is my absolute favorite! The brush tip mimics the traditional nib and the split of tines in traditional calligraphy when you add pressure to your downstrokes it creates thickness to the strokes. Without going through the process of dipping ink on a dippen, you can conveniently use this brush calligraphy pen in writing modern calligraphy.


Suggestion: Canson Foundation Tracing Paper Pad

Tracing paper is optional. This is for the purpose of tracing the exemplars and using the guideline, you can place the guide sheet under the tracing paper. If you preferred to print out the guide sheet and write directly on the paper then tracing paper is not necessary.


If you would like to learn, I offer workshops through Goboomerang on a regular basis in different levels.

Introduction to Calligraphy – Basic strokes and lower cases

Intermediate Calligraphy – Basic strokes and upper cases

Connector & Spacing in Calligraphy – How to connect letters, what is bounce letters

Calligraphy & Flourishing – Decorative strokes to elevate calligraphy skills

Calligraphy Beyond Paper – Once you have mastered calligraphy on paper, there are infinite projects you can do to execute lettering beyond paper (such as mirror, glasses, wood etc)

I can’t wait to see you in one of my workshops and the pleasure to share my passion with you!



*Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of these brands, all of my opinions are based on my regular usage, experiment of supplies.